Renewal of the product portfolio

Internet connectivity, payment via smartphone, the Internet of Things (IoT), modern user interfaces and virtual servers via the cloud: We live in an age of rapid technological development. It is the basis of progress and a foundation of our modern private and business life.


The parking industry is also advancing and increasingly uses modern technologies to ensure customer satisfaction, but also to meet their requirements. As a leading manufacturer of parking management systems, we actively accompany this technological development. It is therefore unavoidable that systems used for many years reach the end of their life cycle and are replaced by modern and more efficient technology.

Discontinued Q4 2020

  • Discontinuation of parking management operating software

    Operating software versions x18 and older run on Microsoft Windows 7. Microsoft has discontinued support for this operating system and is therefore no longer issuing security updates. We need to take action here to ensure your parking management system remains secure in future. Version x18 will no longer be sold or installed in parking management systems. Security fixes may only be implemented on a limited scale due to Microsoft’s discontinuation of the operating system.

  • Discontinuation of DESIGNA PM 100 and other device

    We are also discontinuing support for the DESIGNA PM 100 and other devices (APS120 Cashless, APS120 Compact, APS120 Compact UL, APS120 ECO, APS120 ECO UL, ENT120/EXT120 incl. combi and UL devices, Pay Easy Access, Pay Easy Access UL, ONE, ONE UL, IN Bank, Out Bank and ABACUS DBS 19″ COMPACT) on the date stated on the corresponding information sheet (see link to download the relevant ones).