Covid 19 Announcement

The health, safety, and security of our people is of utmost importance and a principle on which we pride ourselves as an organization. Therefore, DESIGNA is taking the following preventative actions to mitigate the impacts associated with the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus in our community.

DESIGNA will continue to notify our clients if there are any serious or ongoing issues. In order for us to be able to carry on providing ongoing services to our clients, there are three key aspects to our business that are crucial to business continuity which include:

Control CentreTechnical and Supply ServicesFinancial

Unless we notify you of any service impacts please understand that we are operating under service as usual conditions.

Continuity Plan (CP) Review

Sheldon James (Managing Director) and Chris Hill (Operations Director) as the ‘Crisis Task Team’ will be monitoring the Continuity Plan and will review it daily as information from the Government and Health authorities change.

This review will also include our individual staff and any specific client requirements/circumstances where applicable.

Our Control Centre

As of Monday the 16th of March, we have arranged for all employee roles in the Control Centre including Management to work from home.

The primary objective of this is to ensure our Control Centre operations can continue without the operators not being exposed to the uncertain risks of travelling. This move will see the team members separated from the greater team to work from their own locality with the necessary tools in place. The approach will minimise the risk of infections in conjunction along with national measures and hygiene guidelines being adhered to.

In the event of Control Centre staff either contracting the virus or being forced into a home ‘lock-down’, we will be better placed to continue to provide a high level of service.

Naturally, this does add risk when considering the reliance on home internet services as well as domestic environments. However, with adequate operators on-line supported by further fall-back members of staff, we believe suitable redundancy is in place to protect the service provision.

Additional surety resides in our ability to force all incoming calls to a pop-up team of skilled operatives in Cairns, should it be necessary. This can be activated at short notice and staff have been prepared. Be assured as the status of this virus changes daily around the world, we are keeping on top of all developments to ensure that our service provision can continue.

Technical and Supply Services Team

DESIGNA has its own employed team of technical experts as well as registered contractors across the country in multiple locations. We are monitoring Covid-19 infection rates by city and taking steps to review the next moves for our employees based across the country. At this stage, all staff have been asked to carry out existing duties from a home base.

It is our intention in the first instance to offer remote support to clients through their site staff to a thorough level. Beyond this, should the solution require on-site attention from a trained technician, we will currently continue to offer this service. However, in order to best protect our service staff, this attendance will be provided under a ‘No to minimal personal interaction’ basis with either, client staff members or the public. We are confident with our very broad service network we will be able to meet all demand for services.

However, given the ever-changing circumstance, some services over time may change to be just secure video or phone consultation only.

Accounts team (Finance Services)

DESIGNA’s internal financial staff have been provided with the resources to work from home. As these roles rarely involve physical customer or on-site product interaction, they will be able to carry out all duties fully without delay.

Your and our Employees Safety

As mentioned, at each of our client sites we will still be offering the possibility of technical attendance where all other options of resolution have been exhausted.

  • Each site has been provided with our COVID-19 communication that explain the importance of notifying us if any members of their staff have been placed in quarantine or diagnosed with the virus as well as the importance of hand washing and other protective measures.
  • There is to be no physical contact between technicians and client permitted and a 1.5 meter social distance policy.
  • All of our technicians are required to disinfect hands prior and post any work.

Our Employees with Symptoms

Any DESIGNA employee with COVID-19 symptoms have been told they must be isolated at home and are required to gain medical clearance or remain in isolation for 14 days before returning to work. We inform all clients should this situation arise.

IT Supply

DESIGNA has an in-house server for all our records. All servers are backed up daily with contingencies in place.

Telephone System 

Our 1800# and office numbers will continue to be attended 24 hours/7 days a week. However, this answer point can be moved to literally any other location in Australia or across the world. Our phone system is with Telstra and they promise 99.999% service uptime with our service.

We thank you for your continued partnership in this critical time. DESIGNA is fully committed in supporting you and your team during this period of uncertainty.

For more information on the pandemic, visit the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) link: