Ticketless parking by smartphone

Join the next convenience level of parking

Increasing convenience, generating value

More convenience for the customer in a digital, smart way! The new parking app SMART MOVE from DESIGNA is the solution for ticketless parking. Using beacon technology, SMART MOVE lets your monthly parking customers enter and leave without touch any device.

SMART MOVE gives operators the unique opportunity to tell monthly parkers about special rates or loyalty bonuses by smartphone, offering a new way to achieve customer loyalty.


Installation itself is easily integrated into existing systems, as DESIGNA SMART MOVE is designed as an open solution. Less additional investments are needed. Concentrate on your core business. DESIGNA SMART MOVE takes care of the rest.

driver using smartphone for parking

Ticketless and hands-free parking for seasonal parkers

Operator benefits with DESIGNA SMART MOVE


  • Parking history for parking events
  • Simple integration into existing systems
  • Local service – ticket handling – is significantly reduced
  • Less service and maintenance costs
  • Greater customer satisfaction due to ease of use
  • Additional platform for customer interaction
  • Customer loyalty due to additional offerings
  • Cross-operator solution for individual use
  • Open solution – open software and hardware interfaces
  • Managed services - secure Internet connection

Monthly customer benefits with DESIGNA SMART MOVE


  • Touchless parking
  • Start parking event from the comfort of your car
  • Use of additional offerings and information
  • Locate your vehicle - Car-Finder
  • Best of payment technologies are possible
  • Monthly parker function possible with the same app after registration
  • Cashless payment media can be stored

Find your perfect parking system solution with DESIGNA SMART MOVE and take advantage of the cost-efficient new type of customer service. The free SMART MOVE app is based on „beacon technology“. The beacon acts as a signal transmitter, that communicates with the installed app on the smartphone via Bluetooth. If the user drives into a facility that is equipped with beacon technology and approaches the „entrance“- beacon with his smartphone, the entry request is indicated to SMART MOVE. The SMART MOVE system reacts immediately and the barrier opens, if the user presses ok.

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