What is DESIGNAs CLOUD service?

Extended security from a single source

Particularly in the management of car parks, where thousands of records from various car parks converge every second in the server environment and where a breakdown can have drastic financial consequences, it is advisable to choose a solution whose security automatically grows with the tasks. And which - thanks to increased system stability - also continues to guarantee the planned turnover.

Since 2008, hardly any other service has generated such a sustained positive response among car park operators as the DESIGNA CLOUD Service. For over 10 years now, it has offered convenient outsourcing of the entire IT, a specially protected server infrastructure, lightning-fast activation of software features or the import of the latest security updates. Currently, around 45 million parking processes take place worldwide every year via the DESIGNA CLOUD.

Client instances
Car parks
Mio PARC transactions / MONTH

What is in it for you?

  • Guaranteed operational and data security
  • Live access to system data of the connected multi-storey car parks
  • Guaranteed protection against viruses and malicious attacks, automatic daily backups
  • No costs for server IT and adaptations to the latest technologies, direct connection to DESIGNA IT experts
  • Connection of additional properties in the shortest possible time
  • Always the most up-to-date software on all systems
  • Integration of new functions and parking products without delay

Welcome to ASP Private Cloud from DESIGNA

Instead of operating each car park on its own server as in the past, with ASP Private Cloud DESIGNA offers the option of operating car parks via a central, specially protected and reliable server. This server is always state of the art in terms of hardware and software. Various types of software are a thing of the past with ASP Private Cloud as all car park systems run with the latest uniform software version. This makes it easy to connect additional car parks.

Each system is reliably operated in a professional computing centre with increased security. Fail-safe and highly available Internet connections are just as much a matter of course as seamless access control and daily backup. In the event of unexpected malfunctions, the support team is immediately available 24 hours a day. ASP Private Cloud from DESIGNA. Full security guaranteed.

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