What is DESIGNAs CLOUD service?


Cloud-based technology is replacing on-premise-based systems around the globe in almost every business section. CLOUD has been the trend in recent years and will continue to garner increasing business impact. Even so, preliminary research in our industry has shown that as many as 60% of US parking facilities are not using CLOUD-based systems. But CLOUD is now more relevant than ever for your parking business, as parking customers reply on their mobile phones for most daily activities.

Steve Gorski, CEO of DESIGNA US states: “Cloud-based, seamless and frictionless solutions are all components of the digitization of the parking industry and the changing needs of today’s parker. It’s the customer of the car parking operators that will drive the change.”

Since 2008, hardly any other service has generated such a sustained positive response among car park operators as the DESIGNA CLOUD Service. For over 10 years now, it has offered convenient outsourcing of the entire IT, a specially protected server infrastructure, lightning-fast activation of software features or the import of the latest security updates. Currently, around 50+ million parking processes take place worldwide every year via the DESIGNA CLOUD.

The CLOUD is the very base and important step towards the usage of digitalization. And the key benefits for parking management and operators are reducing staff with automation and digital control of their parking systems, as well as data analytics – valuable customer information can be collected, new sales channels can be opened through pre-booking, or customer loyalty can be enhanced with an effective loyalty program.

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What is in it for you?

  • Guaranteed operational and data security
  • Live access to system data of the connected multi-storey car parks
  • Guaranteed protection against viruses and malicious attacks, automatic daily backups
  • No costs for server IT and adaptations to the latest technologies, direct connection to DESIGNA IT experts
  • Connection of additional properties in the shortest possible time
  • Always the most up-to-date software on all systems
  • Integration of new functions and parking products without delay


The core of modern parking management systems is a powerful, secure and reliable server. Thousands of critical data events will occur on this server every second, and high-level security is essential. A failure could have drastic financial consequences. Customers who rely on security choose the DESIGNA CLOUD as their forward-looking solution, providing reliability for their parking management systems. The DESIGNA CLOUD solution will help you achieve a higher level of security for your business in a centrally hosted, secure system environment.

Instead of operating each car park on its own server as in the past, the DESIGNA CLOUD offers the option of operating car parks via a central, specially protected and reliable server. The CLOUD infrastructure is always state of the art in terms of hardware and software. Various types of software are a thing of the past with DESIGNA CLOUD as all car park systems run with the latest uniform software version. This makes it easy to connect additional car parks and new applications e.g. Pre-Booking or Dynamic Analytics.

Each system is reliably operated in a professional computing centre with increased security. Fail-safe and highly available Internet connections are just as much a matter of course as seamless access control and daily backup. In the event of unexpected malfunctions, the support team is immediately available 24 hours a day. 

Get the three main benefits from a DESIGNA CLOUD solution:

... tackles the increase in comfort, convenience, transparency and scalability. Simply put, it means a greatly improved customer experience and a more flexible system to suit your individual purpose. The CLOUD is the modern, open interface architecture for application integration, e.g. for dynamic analytics (BI), dynamic pricing, Payment, Wayfinding or Pre-booking. The CLOUD infrastructure allows more applications that are vital to develop your business and increase your profitability. And the CLOUD is powerful enough to run complete airport parking systems with also LPR parking solutions (license plate recognition).

... keep your total costs transparently under control. On-premise seams on the first hand a price-sensitive solution. But mind the total cost of ownership of IT-infrastructure. The CLOUD guarantees no additional investment and repair costs for a local server over the lifetime of a system, and licenses for third party products such as Microsoft SQL or Click View are already included. There are no additional server costs for newly connected parking facilities and no additional effort for installation, service and maintenance of necessary security components on the server. Plus there’s no need for server-related training for your own IT staff, as DESIGNA takes over the maintenance of the server.

... helps to reduce IT-threats through increased security standards by a CLOUD-based solution. The access to the data center is limited to authorized users. Every access is password protected and is recorded by the system. Authorized user access and system logging of activities protects against the installation and use of unauthorized software and also limits the likelihood of data theft. Protection against viruses and external access is permanently guaranteed in the CLOUD solution. There is no better way to secure your parking business.

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