DESIGNA Device as standard

We have combined our devices into simple standard devices. Based on our extensive experience, we have been able to create function sets that represent typical variants of entry and exit devices, barriers and cash registers. The advantage for you: fast availability and attractive conditions.

With the new .connect series of lane devices (entry and exit), we have standard devices that meet the needs of our customers. In addition, the barriers and the fully automatic pay machines are available in a consistent design series - either as card payment method (PAY Cashless) or in the full version with cash and cards (PAY Cash&Card). The respective standard devices can be easily expanded with retrofit sets. For example, displays at entrances and exits as well as the PAY Cash&Card can be retrofitted.

The core piece - the PAY automated payment machine

Our PAY automated pay stations have a compact format and modern design to handle the payment transactions in your parking management system. You choose the pay machine according to your needs, e.g. which payment options you want to offer your customers (cashless or cash and cards). The modern operating system ensures smooth payment processes at all pay stations.

Extension with Digital Signage

The use of advertising displays in parking space management offers the possibility of displaying digital content such as advertising videos in a targeted manner. Digital media content can be individually addressed to the car park customer. The advertising displays can be used both indoors and outdoors. Either the displays are placed inside the device, directly at the entrance, exit or barrier, or they are attached externally in a larger format and clearly visible. Simple integration and control within the system are the advantages of DESIGNA digital signage.

The DESIGNA standard devices at a glance



  • Barcode technology for processing barcode tickets
  • "Lost Ticket" function through printable Multicon
  • TFT colour screen (10.1") with touch function
  • Weather and UV-resistant Plexiglas® front panel
  • Outer and inner surface with durable, weather-resistant powder coating, fine structure deep matt
  • Intuitive user guidance and barrier-free operation
  • Processing of tickets and cards with barcode technology
  • iF Design Award 2020
  • As cashless or Cash&Card variant
  • Extension options: Payment via PIN pad, QR code camera, video camera, information display (18.5")

IN / OUT Entry and Exit devices


  • TFT touch display (10.1") for operation and display of graphical user instructions. Ticket processing based on the Multicon, MCBC (Type: S2F1), barrier-free accessible controls and intercom system DESIGNA VoIP
  • IN access media: high-speed thermal printer for issuing barcode tickets for process optimization, ticket stock up to 5,000 tickets including adjustable "Low Ticket" warning.
  • OUT exit media: reader for 4-way processing of barcode tickets/media to increase throughput and minimize user errors.
  • Control: Single Board Computer (SBC) incl. Internet-of-Things Controller, serial interface DESIGNA GATE as well as Ethernet connection, system requirements for the operating system software version, DESIGNA OS x19 or higher
  • Extension options: Information display (24"), video camera, RFID reader, QR reader, PIN pad

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