Pre-booking for car parks and parking garages - intelligent and up-to-date

Online reservation for parking spaces

Going on vacation comfortably and relaxed? No stressful search for a parking space before the appointment or the cosy movie night? Nothing easier than that. Reserving a parking space in advance is real comfort. Whether at the airport or in the event centre, for example, with DESIGNA Pre-Booking, car park operators can offer this service to their customers and business partners (e.g. travel agencies) in an uncomplicated and simple manner. 

Flexible and integrated

This application can be integrated into any website, smartphone app and partner portal. The customer specifies how long he wants to park his vehicle and selects tariff and parking area. Depending on the car park equipment, this can be a parking space with an e-charging station, for example. What's more, the integrated online and mobile payment functions are individually adapted and guarantee maximum flexibility for all stakeholders.

The benefits of the DESIGNA EXTENSION Pre-Booking at a glance:

  • The customer is provided with a guaranteed parking space, including grace periods for arrival and departure.
  • There is no need to go to the automatic pay station. The ticket is booked and paid for online in advance to save time.
  • Early booking discounts and special offers make pre-booking even more attractive for the customer.
  • Additional services such as shuttle or valet parking can be easily integrated into the booking system.
  • Valuable customer information can be collected and used for personalized promotions
  • Capacity load can be easily monitored and costs can be reduced through centralized administration and less cash handling.

DESIGNAs CDO on pre-booking: