Parking-as-a-Service by DESIGNA NEXT Solution

Now you can have a world-class, robust, state-of-the-art parking management system for no, or minimal, up-front investment and a simple monthly cost.

DESIGNA has leveraged the new possibilities of digitalization in our NEXT Solution – a scalable, cloud-based system that is smarter, faster and more profitable. Our Parking-as-a-Service offers both software and devices on a monthly subscription, for the industry’s best future-proof parking management solution. The modular system lets you easily add new software extensions, capabilities and features as needed, such as pre-booking,  dynamic analytics, mobile ticket payment, web validations, dynamic pricing, or connectivity. This standardized solution has the fastest delivery time in the industry, just four weeks.



Your parking customers expect modern, digital processes and web-based interfaces, mobile apps, and convenience in booking and paying for their parking. 


The NEXT Solution is an economical and future-proof solution powered by our unparalleled cloud-based system the DESIGNA SUITE on a modern web interface. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model provides automatic software upgrades through the release of updates, without additional cost. 


Our NEXT Solution draws from our 70 years of experience to engineer a scalable open architecture. The user-friendly interface on one core platform with worldwide functionality is conveniently accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer. It offers security, reliability, adaptability, flexibility, and layer 3 compatibility. Data analytics provide robust information and analysis versus just data. More importantly, you own your data.



The DESIGNA NEXT Solution offers award-winning devices with a best-in-industry appearance. This equipment can be yours for monthly payments with no, or minimal, up-front investment. Traditional capital expense (CAPEX) costs now become an operating expense (OPEX).


Your parking customers will benefit from the very best of German Engineering and sleek, state-of-the-art devices. The Hardware-as-a-Service model will provide financing for monthly payments with ownership of the equipment at the end of the agreement term.


The modern hardware for the NEXT Solution is the Connect series, which features digital content screens on pay stations, gates and entry/exit devices to make the best first impression and enhance the customer experience with communication throughout their parking journey.

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