Portrait: DESIGNA customer Gudrun Neuber, PSG Greifswald mbH

How DESIGNA helps companies with modern parking technology and why it convinces customers


Twenty-four years, that is a long time. Gudrun Neuber and PSG Parkhaus-Service Gesellschaft Greifswald mbH have been DESIGNA customers for that length of time. The close working relationship with DESIGNA already began under the leadership of the founder of PSG, Gudrun Neuber’s father, and is still characterized by great trust and respect according to Gudrun Neuber. Back then, the first joint system included the parking lots at Münster-Osnabrück Airport, which DESIGNA and PSG Greifswald manage and keep up-to-date to this day.

As is often the case in a family-run company, Gudrun Neuber mainly takes care of commercial matters but also travels to the parking lots to be able to take care of any minor repairs there as well.


This happens in numerous cities in Germany, including parking lots in Greifswald in northeast Germany as well as in the Baltic Sea town of Wismar. In addition, PSG takes care of other parking facilities and the parking lots of the Osnabrück University Hospital. This means that the company owned by Gudrun Neuber and her brother now has around 5,000 parking spaces throughout Germany.


Gudrun Neuber is highly satisfied with the close cooperation with DESIGNA, which also helped make a special wish of her company come true: the barriers of parking facilities open automatically when required. This is particularly important at major events in order to ensure cars can exit as quickly as possible. This already worked for the barriers of the PM100 system, state-of-the-art in the 90s, which is still in use in some cases due to its quality and reliability.


Gudrun Neuber also finds it extremely gratifying that the CEO at DESIGNA always understands the needs of his customers. PSG Greifswald maintains very close contact with Dr. Thomas Waibel, who is a solution orientation type of manager even when the challenges are very complex, something Gudrun Neuber praises in her interview.


In the current debate in Germany, mobility is likely to change in the near future. According to Gudrun Neuber, this will also influence the parking industry, as it will have a major influence on individual transport. One thing is already certain for Gudrun Neuber: the trend towards car sharing will continue. It is essential for the customer that car sharing becomes simpler and more convenient than in the past. An intelligent link between vehicles, rental companies and parking systems is therefore only logical. A successful “customer journey” for a car sharing customer begins with uncomplicated takeover and stress-less return plus parking of the vehicle.


According to Gudrun Neuber, cars will also be increasingly equipped with data chips in the medium to long term, which will be used as the basis for automatic registration and billing for parking management systems. This reduces the administrative effort for companies such as PSG Greifswald, as automatic pay stations and similar components will no longer be necessary. Meaning parking management will remain attractive in the future due to exciting changes and new tasks.


We thank Gudrun Neuber for this interview.

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