Portrait: Service expert Torsten Hellwig, DESIGNA

What standards does DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik set for its service and its employees, and what service packages will it use to create satisfied customers? You can find out more about this and more in the current portrait:


Torsten Hellwig, an expert who heads the Customer Service department at DESIGNA, has over 20 years of experience and excellent knowledge of the parking management market. He and his team understand how customers tick and what they want. His team of service and support technicians is always on hand to help whenever their knowledge is needed. The core activities are the installation and maintenance and ad hoc repairs of park management systems. In addition, the team becomes internationally active when it comes to supporting clients, partners and customers with technical questions.

This is preferably done by remote maintenance, which makes it possible to work from any location. Thus, software updates are carried out and new software functions that control the entire parking technology are remotely put into operation. Flexibly designed for smaller systems as well as for large parking garages at airports, including their complete technology such as cash register systems, parking lot gates or cameras/LPRs (license plate recognition) Torsten and his large 50-man team are also responsible for the IT technology required to network the individual components and server systems.


Complete installation of a parking management system usually takes no more than 2 weeks, including set up and integration of all the hardware and software. The DESIGNA Parking Management Solution is suitable both for smaller parking areas and for extensive car park systems. DESIGNA parking garage technology is used on cloud servers and on customers’ local servers. DESIGNA currently supports more than 250 parking systems in the cloud.


In addition to their technical skills, Torsten praises the social skills of his team colleagues. Since DESIGNA service technicians should have strengths at both levels – technical and when dealing with customers. After all, it is very much a people’s business. DESIGNA Service customers greatly appreciate the skills and strengths provided by the service technicians.


Excellent service is a distinct competitive strength and therefore a high priority for DESIGNA. This level of service has created an amazing relationship between customers and DESIGNA’s service technicians, which makes outstanding results in parking management possible in the first place. The results speak for themselves. A service that operators can rely on. Torsten is convinced that his colleagues have the “service gene”, which allows awesome performance.


Torsten and his team adapt their services into three simple but highly powerful packages - from prioritized availability to complete service that covers almost all areas of operations. All three packages guarantee that service customers have direct phone access to a skilled service technician in order to solve any problem immediately. In addition, the next package guarantees an on-site service technician who can be contacted depending on service-level from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. in case of an emergency. The most comprehensive package additionally offers a full warranty to ensure that faulty components are replaced immediately in the event of damage. A customer can hardly wish for more operational reliability and thus for a more reliable revenue situation for the parking systems they manage.

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