Parking management for car park operators

Central Administration: Consistently transparent

Companies operating an entire network of car parks rather than just a single one are faced with many different challenges. No matter whether they are spread out through an urban area, a region or an entire country, the central administration of different locations requires a system structure which makes all processes absolutely transparent, on a hardware as well as a database level. PM ABACUS has been consistently developed for this task right from the outset. With its superior networking and scaling capability, this system permits a level of control and flexibility never achieved before. In addition to this, Ethernet and TCP/IP as global standards make PM ABACUS open to the integration of systems for Facility Management, video monitoring, vehicle registration number recording and other services.

Every transaction that occurs during the parking process is assigned to the respective ticket in the central SQL database and made available for the reporting system. Extensive evaluations are generated at the touch of a button and made available immediately all over the world via the WebReport Internet application. From here, it is only a short step to your company database, because the automated data import into SAP or other corporate software is seamless.

The transaction data collected over a longer period of time enables the visualisation of the typical “ticket process”, from entry to the car park right through to departure – ideal for marketing purposes.

With PM ABACUS, you also have the tariff structure completely under control – individually configured for your various locations and user groups. Permanent ticket holders receive individual terms and conditions and the accrued costs are invoiced automatically at the agreed intervals. Car park management can hardly be any more convenient and customer friendly.

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