Parking management for hotels and exhibition centres

Uniquely visitor friendly

The car parks of hotels and exhibition centres have to be able to cope with a large number of possible usage needs, often round the clock. PM ABACUS is especially well suited to meeting this challenge, as the system is designed to easily integrate even complex demands into one solution.

Being able to easily park their own vehicle on the way to the hotel, the theatre or to conventions is self-evident for most people. For this reason a system is needed in this area that not only impresses clients with its reliability, speed and simple serviceability, but also offers the opportunity of combining different user profiles and creating additional incentives by linking with a variety of offers. PM ABACUS works quickly, and is user friendly and fail-safe. More added value can be created with the possibility of implementing special rates for particular events, discounts and joint campaigns with selected partners.

Hotel guests will experience a new level of service with the special hotel ticket. A normal short-term parking ticket can be recoded upon check-in via the manual ticket machine by entering the guest’s intended date of departure. During this agreed time period guests can use the car park as often as they wish, without visiting the ticket machine specially each time before they leave. The guest will come to value this easy to use and time-saving service.

With the “theatre tariff”, short-term parking tickets that are issued at the car park entrance over a certain time period are charged differently at the car park’s ticket machines. At all payment times that lie within this period the customer pays a price that has been fixed in advance by the operator. The benefit: tickets can be paid for in advance in order to avoid waiting times at the ticket machines at the end of a performance.

Convention tickets entitle the holder to repeatedly enter and leave the car park at no cost during a set time period. In addition, these tickets can be acquired before an event by the organiser so that they can be passed on to the participants. On the one hand this procedure makes it easier to calculate the need for parking spaces more precisely, and on the other, customers are able to enter and exit con­­siderably more easily and quickly.
Optional extensions such as the license plate recognition system (LPR) via TCP/IP interfaces make PM ABACUS even more effective in this area. In addition, TFT colour displays with a graphical presentation of the operating instructions and multilingual menu navigation make the system yet more convenient and simple to use.

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