Parking solutions for shopping centers

What counts on a shopping trip: More space, More benefits

Shopping centres are adventure worlds where the customers are supposed to feel good.  Excellent service and exceptional campaigns are intended to produce a positive buying mood. Today the parking system plays a key role in this scenario and not only because virtually every visitor is also a parking space user. In particular, it’s because attractive and relevant value added can be generated for customers through the medium of the car park ticket.

Accordingly, a store of special tickets held in PM ABACUS can be issued by a random generator and raffled off in a prize draw. Customer loyalty cards are a part of the “mandatory programme” in retail nowadays, and these can also be deployed practicably in the field of car parking. Reduced rates for regular customers or discounts on parking fees depending on the value of goods purchased create an incentive and intensify the feeling of being appreciated as a customer.

Since discount systems  are one of the great strengths of PM ABACUS, it only stands to reason that this technology is greatly appreciated by operators. Whether the devices operate on or off-line, vouchers are issued or accounting is
done by cost centre, PM ABACUS fits flexibly into existing or planned structures. The fact that special occupancy reports can be issued for shopping centre tenants, and further charging is possible on the basis of parking area utilisation, increases the benefits for operators.

If the parking management system is also connected to a registration number
recording and parking control system via the TCP/IP interface, extensive customer service opportunities are opened up. Apart from the rapid identification of vacant spaces upon arrival, the exact location of a vehicle can also be determined at any time at electronic information terminals by entering the registration number. Without any doubt, with PM ABACUS, you are ideally prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

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