Mid Valley Mega Mall, Malaysia

Larger, more beautiful, mega mall: Shopping in a new dimension.

Won the ”Best Shopping Complex Award“ from the malaysian Ministry of Tourism - uses DESIGNA vertical solution for malls.

The mid Valley megamall opened in 1999 is located in the south of Kuala lumpur, the capital of malaysia. It is three times the size of the city‘s best-known shopping centre, the Suria under the Petronas Towers. 

On 6 floors and covering an area of more than 420,000 m², the megamall houses more than 630 shops and service outlets, catering establishments, entertainment areas and several large supermarkets such as Jusco and Carrefour. In addition the complex comprises a congress and convention centre on an area of 4,500 m², 4 hotels with more than 1600 rooms, a cinema with a total of 18 theatres, an office tower with 30 business offices, a Hindu temple and a church.

The challenge

In September 2007 the megamall was considerably expanded to include ”The Gardens“. The existing system no longer met the growing demands of the customers and was replaced during the course of the expansion without interrupting the day-to-day operation. The whole DESIGNA vertical solution was fully functional in time for the official opening date.

The solution

Since then the DESIGNA park management ystem handles up to 30,000 vehicles a day and offers services in a very wide range of areas. This makes the system world class in terms of complexity and technical standards even today.


The entire solution covered the replacement, modernisation and expansion of the parking system with continuous implementation of new concepts, parking products and functions. Cold standby server with cold standby storage area network without impairing the day-to-day operation.


Installed equipment coverd a total of more than 200 terminals of the DESIGNA park management system with 35 entrance control terminals, 33 exit control terminals, 8 terminals with pay station at the exit plus 24 automatic pay stations.



The Feedback

”Parking in Mid Valley forms parts of the overall experience. The customer has to be given optimum service at every touchpoint.“ (Amirul Adnan, Head of Car Park)


”Here in the megamall, parking is far more than the mere necessity of leaving your
vehicle somewhere. It is part of a overall experience, for example a day out with
the whole family, that everyone wants to keep as a fond memory. Every detail
is important, from the quick finding of a vacant parking space, the claiming of
discounts right through to simple payment.


What particularly impresses us with the DESIGNA system is how many innovative
services can be so simply integrated, and how easily it can be adapted to the
growing demand for parking spaces. Not to forget the fantastic team from the local
partner, Dominion, on whom we can rely 100 %.“

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