DESIGNA in a nutshell:

Managing a parking system needs modern solutions, and those modern solutions are dominated by the one factor that revolutionizes entire industries: digital transformation. Customers rely on their smartphones for finding, evaluating and booking car parks. Payment for car parks moves away from coins and bills to cards and online payment services. Car park operators reduce staff and invest in automation and digital control of their parking systems. The paper ticket is becoming a thing of the past with other means of identification such as license plates, Bluetooth emitters or QR codes gaining relevance. 


DESIGNA has its roots in traffic signage, became one of the first suppliers of mechanized parking systems and has since transitioned to digital parking systems with the main objectives of car park operators in focus: increasing revenue, reducing cost and always create the highest convenience for the car park user. 

The ground-breaking long term trends in parking solutions:

Our solutions for maximum value generation from your assets and highest customer convenience: