Complementary DESIGNA CONNECT devices

In many scenarios, parking does not only involve the classic setup of barriers, lane devices and pay stations. Parking customer have additional demand for access, payment possibilites or validation.


This is where complementary CONNECT devices come into play.

Selected use-cases for complementary CONNECT devices: 

  • Mixed-use parking facilites would like to grant access to building doors, roller shutters or other entry points to parking customers on the same premises.
  • Self-service validation in outlets of malls and shopping center allow parking customers to swiftly validate without waiting for staff to attend.

As a touchscreen online door opener, the Designa CONNECT DOOR 600 LIGHT is a smart multifunctional terminal for access control and can be used to control doors and gates.

This control device with door opening function was specially developed by Designa for ticketless parking management systems with license plate recognition, and offers various access options, such as entering a license plate number recorded in the system using a touchscreen display, contactless access with RFID card, and scanning barcodes or QR codes.

Fast. Easy. Efficient.

This validation device can assign different validation levels, and evaluate discounts at a Designa PAY checkout station, at the register, or directly at the exit. Information is printed on the ticket in a matter of seconds. The discounts redeemed on each device can be precisely tracked via a web-based analysis.

Additional components of your parking management system:

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