DESIGNA CONNECT LANE devices - more than just ticket handling

The first contact with your customers usually happens at the entry lane device. This makes it all the more important to lay the foundation for a positive user experience here.


The fast issuing and acceptance of tickets, the modern design and the optional display support you here - making the display of media content, e.g. dynamic pricing, live occupancy data, parking directory or advertising, a reality for you at the first touchpoint with the Designa CONNECT 600 FULL IN and OUT lane devices for entry and exit.

Additional product features:

  • Automatic standby mode for reduced operating costs
  • Reduction of personnel costs due to high ticket supply 
  • Minimization of revenue losses through multi-layer fraud protection, e.g. ticket issuance dependent on occupancy of the induction loop. If no entry is made, the ticket is automatically blacklisted by the operating system

lane devices for entry and exit

The basic configuration of Designa CONNECT LANE 600 FULL IN and OUT:

  • TFT touch display (10.1") user interface with many functions and features, e.g. several language options and a ticket request icon
  • High-quality glossy front panel with illuminated Plexiglas® XT ring
  • Ticket storage for up to 5,000 paper tickets
  • Configurable ticket shortage warning
  • TCC with Linux operating system and passive cooling
  • Integrated intercom
  • Ethernet interface

Great range of options for LANE 600 FULL IN and OUT

  • Large display for advertising messages, parking information, etc.
  • Use of credit and debit cards IN/OUT (short and long term parking).
  • Access control with contactless Prox cards, ISO 15693 and other RFID systems with short, medium and long range as long-term and monthly parker access tokens
  • Automatic retraction of non-drawn long-term parking tickets upon entry
  • QR code usage
  • Driver camera
  • MP3 audio user guidance
  • VoIP: SIP-enabled call station or installation of customer-specific call stations
  • Pre-booking: PIN entry or barcode scan for identification
  • Thermostatically controlled heating


The Designa CONNECT LANE 600 SLIM smart multifunction terminal was specially developed for ticketless parking systems and grants access via various identification methods.

Scan barcodes and QR codes, enabling contactless access via RFID card. Or use license plate number identification, in which a plate number is recognized by LPR cameras and is registered as an identification method for entering, paying and exiting. License plate numbers can also be entered by customers at the touchscreen display.

Further components of your parking management system: