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DESIGNA service provisions. Tailor made and versatile.

DESIGNA offers a wide range of services designed to ensure the consistently problem-free and long-term operation of your parking management system. From ongoing professional maintenance and on-site servicing to repairs and spare parts provision. It’s highly responsive, effective and direct. DESIGNA customers can combine the modular service packages with one another to fit their specific requirements – and the various maintenance levels offered ensure that our customers have the best possible security and service.

Training from professionals for professionals

DESIGNA provides training on the highest level. On your premises, at the training center at the headquarters in Kiel, Germany or online. Our customers and partners have access to an online tool for professional and efficient training on the DESIGNA parking management solutions – the eCademy. It provides courses, tutorials, e-learning sessions and much more. Whether a new or an experienced employee, and whether an initial or advanced training session, the eCademy platform is available to all registered participants 24 hours a day. Consolidate existing knowledge or learn something new – whenever and wherever.

Spares and consumables

From our decades of experience we know that our systems are absolutely reliable and offer long-term stability, even under the most demanding conditions. Nevertheless, if one component or another is subjected to heavy duty during day to day operation of the system that it needs to be exchanged, then we offer a comprehensive range of spare parts. 

The reliability of a product depends not only on the delivered quality, but also on the maintenance and care it receives. DESIGNA's original accessories include a large range of tickets and season parker cards. These can be custom-printed according to the wishes of our customer with their own logo or special offers so that they can be used as advertising materials for either themselves or other companies.

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