SUITE EXTENSION Business: Upgrade your parking facility

The business package is an extension of the DESIGNA SUITE as a Software-as-a-Service module. The SUITE EXTENSION Business offers an extended set of functions for areas such as shopping centers, conference centers, entertainment complexes or any kind of parking management operation with the aim of sustainable management of the customer base. This includes coupon options as well as a discount option for parking tickets for store operators in a shopping center.

Broad range of possibilities

Bring an extra service to shop owners in shopping malls or allow easy exit after events. For the customer of a shopping mall or conference center, parking should positively enhance the shopping or event experience. Details such as easy finding and parking of the vehicle, easy payment, or the simple use of discounts for parking are all important from the customer‘s point of view.

Cloud-based validation of tickets

The SUITE EXTENSION Business includes a CLOUD Validation Manager module so that a store operator can easily grant his customers a discount. Via a web-based interface, the store operator can assign a discount to his customer on his ticket.

The shopping center operator can create unique promo codes for the individual store operators via the DESIGNA SUITE. For billing purposes, the shopping center operator can view the number and amounts of the discounts granted across all store operators and use them in his billing to the store operators.

Advantages for the operator of a parking management system:


  • More advantages for the parking customer - reduced parking fees.
  • Higher customer loyalty.
  • Easy setup and activation of coupons.
  • Convenient administration of store operators for discount possibilities.
  • Dedicated report for an overview of discounts issued and perceived.

Advantages for customers of the parking garage:


  • Simple to use discounts at the parking facilities.
  • Quick exit after events.
  • Simplification of the parking process.