All parking business in one ecommerce platform

The Designa Digital Solutions Business solution is flexible, comprehensive, and modular. It combines sales and access management into one ecommerce platform and comes with lots of customization options to fit your requirements. You can change the theme, logo, and much more at tenant level, which means that one system can support multiple corporate designs.



Choose the right modules for your parking facility


Create and manage temporary parking reservations and upgrade products.

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Contract Parker

Create and manage various types of staff, flat-rate, and pay-per-use parking contracts.

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Frequent Parker

Create and manage prepaid and postpaid Frequent Parkers with multiple types of entitlements.

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Pay Mobile

Pay for parking tickets using mobile devices.

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Generate and distribute vouchers to validate end user parking.

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Maximize parking business with a modular platform

Choose from various business modules and add-ons to create a parking software package that contains exactly what you need. Select one or multiple modules to design an ecommerce platform that perfectly meets your parking business’s needs.



Expand the possibilities with add-ons


Set up marketing campaigns and send voucher codes or messages to select customer accounts.

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Enable businesses to become partners, after which they can manage their own members.

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Manage loyalty programs to offer an existing customer base incentive to stay on as customer.

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