Control Center

Car park management made easy

Control Center is agnostic, convenient, and well connected. It allows you to manage your car parks efficiently and reliably. Keep track of Key Performance Indicators, monitor devices and the car parks they are in, and control these devices with the click of a button. Car park management and monitoring is made easy with Control Center.

Take control of your car parks and connections

Control Center is one of a kind, because it can control hardware from Designa and multiple other manufacturers. The parking software solution is convenient, because it allows you to monitor and manage all your car parks and connections in one place. In addition, there are various customization options. You decide which events take precedence and which appear more in the background. This allows you to manage your car parks just the way you like it.

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A software solution that supports you in your role

Control Center is convenient to work with, regardless of which role you are in.


Operators can monitor the car parks they are responsible in a single overview. If needed, they can go into the details of a specific car park or device. With the click of a button, they can even open an entry or exit barrier or restart a device.


Administrators can configure the car parks in the background, so they reflect the physical parking facility exactly. They can also easily manage the accounts of operators and other users they are responsible for in the system.

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