A powerful data interpretation tool

Data-driven parking starts with Analytics. The reporting tool aggregates and unifies data from different sources, such as the park management systems and the Designa Digital Solutions. Over a dozen insightful dashboards display information that helps guide decision making. Automatic emails with reports can be generated as well.

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Gain insight into your car parks with Control Center data

Analytics collects Control Center data to help you gain insight into which car parks generate the most revenue. It also provides information on user login sessions and manual barrier openings. In addition, analytics shows the duration, type, and response time of incoming calls. This information helps you draw conclusions on which car parks are the most profitable, and which require changes to become more cost effective.

Collect business data on customer origin, trends, and seasonality

Our reporting tool also collects data from Business. The Analytics dashboards with Business information show the origin of your customers. They also tell you which car parks are the busiest and provide you information on car park trends with relation to revenues, seasonality, and discounts. This data can help you make informed marketing decisions


Put your park management system data to good use

Last, but not least, Analytics collects data from park management systems. This data is used to provide dashboards that compare data on entries, exits, revenues, and parking transaction duration for various car parks. This can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, so you can analyze trends in the data at a level of detail that fits your decision-making process.

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