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Sustainability at Designa


Sustainability is based on three pillars: ecological, economic and social responsibility. Our company is strongly committed to integrating these principles into all business processes. By considering ecological impact, pursuing economic efficiency and promoting social justice, we strive for sustainable practices and are committed to continuous improvement in terms of sustainability. The measures that Designa Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH has already implemented and will implement in the future are described below in order to enable a sustainable business principle. enable

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Paperless processes

In recent decades, the company has consistently focused on IT system-supported and digital processes. As a result, paperless processes have been implemented as far as possible. In the future, the company also aims to further reduce the use of paper in everyday office and production and production processes or to make them completely obsolete.


Sustainable procurement

We give preference to suppliers and materials that are environmentally friendly and ethical. We take repairability and recycling potential into account when purchasing new units 
new units and rely on traceable environmental standards.

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Energy efficiency and sustainable mobility:

For several years now, the company's fleet of pool vehicles has consisted exclusively of electric vehicles produced in Germany. 
production in order to reduce the vehicles' greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, electric vehicle charging points are 
company premises to enable employees to charge their electric vehicles. This step helps to minimize the CO2 emissions of the vehicle fleet and promotes the use of environmentally friendly vehicles. There is also a program in which every employee can lease bicycles or e-bikes at low cost and free charging points are also provided.

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Longevity and backwards compatibility of the products:

An important part of our product strategy is the longevity and backward compatibility of our products. In the case of our parking systems, for example, this is demonstrated in practice: with constant care and maintenance, the parking systems we produce can remain in use for over 20 years. This underlines our commitment to manufacturing long-lasting products, which not only reduces the environmental impact but also lowers the total cost of ownership for our customers.


Modular design and energy-saving functions of the products

The products have a modular design, which means that only defective assemblies need to be replaced and not entire appliances. This approach is both resource-saving and cost-effective, as it allows only the faulty components to be repaired or replaced instead of replacing entire appliances. This extends the service life of the products and minimizes the consumption of resources. Power-saving functions in standby mode are also integrated into all electrical appliances produced by Designa in order to reduce energy consumption.

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Environmentally friendly production

Designa's production facility is located in Germany, where 44% of the electricity used for production is generated from renewable energy sources (as of 2022). The company also invests in optimizing its production processes in order to minimize energy consumption. In the production of electrical appliances, the company uses environmentally friendly and solvent-free powder coatings instead of wet paints. These environmentally friendly coatings not only reduce the environmental impact, but also improve the quality and durability of the products while helping to minimize the use of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, repair and remanufacturing processes of assemblies exist to reintroduce defective units back into the cycle and minimize waste.

Designa also receives an annual certificate from its waste service provider that certifies the correct separation and disposal of waste in accordance with the strict German waste management laws. This process ensures compliance with the highest standards of waste management and helps to protect the environment.

Efficient logistics and transportation

Where possible, product deliveries to customers are bundled in order to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions during transportation. This bundling makes it possible to increase the efficiency of supply chains and optimize transport, which leads to a reduction in emissions and costs. In addition, greenhouse gas-intensive transportation by air is avoided in favour of more cost- and resource-efficient sea or land transport wherever possible.

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Fair treatment and retention of employees

Designa employs staff under a collective agreement with one of the major German trade union associations. The compatibility of work, family and leisure time is promoted by various initiatives such as flexitime accounts, mobile working, offers for partial retirement and the possibility of converting special payments into days off. There is also a company sports club, the provision of prayer rooms and free fruit and coffee. These measures enable employees to better reconcile their individual needs with their professional lives. A good work-life balance helps to keep employees healthy, motivated and productive.

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Communication and transparency

We focus on sustainability communication with our customers about the repair process and the remanufacturing of units. This allows us to raise awareness of sustainable practices and highlight the benefits of remanufactured products. We also make explicit reference here to the sometimes desired standby operation of our electrical appliances.


Future focus on ticketlessness and paperlessness

The company's long-term strategy aims to achieve completely ticketless and paperless operation of parking facilities. This approach aims to conserve resources that are normally used for the production of thermal paper in parking tickets and receipts. Switching to a digital, paperless system will reduce the environmental impact and help save resources.


Long-term strategy and continuous improvement

Designa Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH strives to continuously improve its business activities and processes in terms of sustainability and has set itself the goal of achieving ISO 14001 certification for environmental management in the medium term.