One-Stop Solution For Automated Parking Management

Leading German Technology in Parking Management

When it comes to smartness with convenience, operator-friendly parking technology and modern solutions optimized for today’s smart cities, ‘DESIGNA’ is your one-stop solution for a comprehensive and fully automated car parking management system. For over 65 years DESIGNA has been providing custom-designed solutions to meet the parking management needs of its clients. With an ever-growing number of vehicles on the road, DESIGNA’s automated car park management system contributes to parking solution in India.

Our Product

ABACUS is the essence of our parking technology expertise condensed into a compact and highly efficient package. ABACUS is the definitive automated parking solution that is both economical and future proof. Whether it is nationwide networking, airports, shopping Centers, hospitals or hotel and event Centers, ABACUS is the definitive automated parking management solution that is both economical and future proof.

ABACUS Feature Highlights:

  • Flexible authorisation via magnetic strip, barcode, smartphone, ANPR and RFID.

  • Centralized server integration

  • Convenient access to all ABACUS system control, management and reporting features with the WinOperate user application

  • Highest energy efficiency in class

  • Robust and weather-resistant with high-quality aluminium housing

  • Integration with third party systems (ERP, SAP, City Mobile App and City Services)

  • Flexibility to integrate new functions abd customisations

  • DESIGNA Mobile App for easy pre-booking of parking spots

  • Accountable revenue generation.

Parking Management for...

Our parking management systems are also prevalent in Smart Cities, Municipal Corperations and Hospitals