DESIGNA delivers parking equipment for Hamburg Airport

DESIGNA delivers parking equipment for Hamburg Airport

For passengers at Hamburg Airport and their carriers, there is now a change: the new Kiss&Fly zone right in front of the terminals. Where short-stay parking used to dominate the scene, there is now a restricted area for loading and unloading. A stay of 10 minutes is free of charge - anyone staying longer in this zone can pay for the ticket taken at the entrance gate at one of the automatic pay stations set up just a few steps away. The airport expects this measure to increase parking discipline and reduce shunting chaos. For motorists wishing to park at the airport, the parking garages would be available just a few meters away, Hamburg Airport officials state.

The parking equipment was supplied by DESIGNA as we maintain a long-standing partnership with Hamburg Airport, as well as with other major airports such as those in Sydney and New York City. As the parking lots at Hamburg Airport were also equipped with parking management devices by DESIGNA in the past, it was only natural that the latest generation of leading-edge parking equipment, the CONNECT series, comes into play now. In addition to their award-winning design, these devices are characterized by a high level of customer-friendliness and are therefore predestined for use in a Kiss&Fly zone.

For more than 70 years, a visionary approach and the constant pursuit of progress have characterized DESIGNA's success in parking management. The development of innovative products and new services is the passion of the Kiel-based company, from individual parking facilities to large-scale systems that manage tens of thousands of parking spaces or are part of the network of an entire city. More than 500 employees in 60 countries give their best every day for customers all over the world.

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DESIGNA LPR at kiss&fly zone Hamburg Airport
DESIGNA barriers and lane devices at hamburg Airport
DESIGNA CONNECT pay station Hamburg Airport kiss&fly