The Belfry

Upgraded the PARCS to improve efficiency and provide a better customer experience.

In 2016 the Belfry Shopping Centre in Redhill chose to upgrade their car park system to a new DESIGNA Abacus solution.

The management's decision to install the Abacus system was supported by a demonstration of the software and equipment at one of DESIGNA's flagship installations at the Dundrum shopping centre in Dublin and on the company's stand at the Parkex exhibition.

The challenge

The Belfry is the shopping hub of Redhill and provides residents and visitors with an extensive choice of high street stores. The centre receives a large number of visitors each day, with the majority of visitors to the town using the car park for the day. The management found that its existing basic car parking equipment was unable to match the performance and reliability required for this constant flow of traffic. They needed a solution that would resolve this.

The solution

The 780-space car park previously used a standard pay-on-foot barrier system. Now with the new DESIGNA system with its advanced ANPR, the shopping centre management can easily track the amount of time each car has stayed in the car park including if someone loses a ticket.

By installing the ANPR cameras, the Belfry can also monitor the patterns of each customer's visits and issue rewards to frequent customers. The system has also allowed the centre to set up a VIP Parkers scheme and make the current season ticket parking permits easier to use.

The equipment also includes six DESIGNA EasyAccess Pay Stations deliberately designed to allow disabled customers to pay freely without assistance. Each of the Pay Stations is installed with an interactive monitor that makes it easy to pay and offers several different languages.

The Feedback

Centre manager Andy Nash says:

"As the shopping centre was getting busier and busier, we recognised the need for an access system with better reliability and service, and that could benefit the centre in the future. We released a tender for equipment that offered advanced technology and could help us to improve the service for our customers and we found that DESIGNA's ABACUS did just this. With the new system we are now offering customers a better payment system, as well as potential frequent visitor schemes in the future.

The full installation was very efficient and did not disturb or impede our customers in any way and we were able to remain open as usual with parking available. DESIGNA UK has been very helpful and good to work with throughout the process and has been very quick and efficient in responding to any queries that we have had. The new installation has truly allowed us to enhance the experience for our customers and we are very pleased with the system itself and the many benefits it has brought to the shopping centre."

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