The secure future - Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)

Use your license plate as a ticket

Our fully integrated license plate recognition system (LPR) is a particularly successful example of how the different DESIGNA products complement modern parking management in one efficient tool.


Upon entry and exit, the card holder is identified by license plate recognition and unequivocally matched to his or her ticket. All this is done completely automatically and with the greatest possible reliability. As well as the additional operating data covering car park occupancy, the duration of stay and origin of the vehicles, you and your customers will benefit above all from security and service.

One of the highlights: In conjunction with license plate recognition, season parkers are able to enjoy VIP services. Once they are stored in the VIP list, customers are able to enter and leave without a ticket. Which means that they no longer need to worry about finding their ticket or having enough small change, and no delays on arrival or departure.


For every user additional individual details or conditions can be entered into the database, such as the times when they are allowed to park or agreed payment terms. And the security aspect is not to be sneezed at: since their ticket information is linked to the license plate, parkers can only enter and leave with the same vehicle.

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Full flexibility with basic and advanced set-up

Even the most basic standard version of License Plate Recognition (LPR) offers useful functions such as:


  • Inventory information on all vehicles located in the car park at a particular time
  • Uncomplicated replacement tickets if the original is lost, because the exact entry time can easily be established via the license plate number
  • Blacklist, with registered license plates of vehicles that, for certain reasons, should be turned away at the entrance
  • Whitelist, that relates customer cards to particular vehicles and thus prevents misuse
  • Reporting system, in which the system clearly lists all relevant information for evaluation purposes.

Easy expandability 


Additional functions such as theft protection and fraud recognition, VIP list, greylist, driver camera and overview camera increase the usability of LPR still further and support the operator in running the parking facility yet more professionally and with little extra work, thanks to the innovative technology.


Incidentally, using the fast exit option, even customers who are not entered on the list can benefit from ticketless departure.  Once they have been recorded at the entrance, the system opens the barriers automatically at the exit - after the ticket has been paid for. LPR thus offers advantages on every level - for operators and customers alike - when it comes to security and service aspects.

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