Ticketless parking: parking without a ticket as an added value for motorists and parking operators

Ticketless parking is the future for Car Park operators and providers. With systems for license plate recognition, DESIGNA offers contemporary and cost-effective solutions for controlling entry and exit for Car Parks

Parking without a ticket in the managed parking area

The traditional practice of managing Car Parks with barrier systems involves the use of tickets: When entering, a ticket is taken, which is usually then paid for at a pay station before exiting, and retracted at the exit terminal to open the barrier. The ticket serves as a customer-specific identification feature, ultimately for determining the parking fee.

Ticket-free parking makes the paper ticket obsolete and thus offers a multitude of advantages for both the operator of the parking facility and the customer. DESIGNA offers sophisticated systems that enable ticketless parking for providers and customers in a simple, secure and cost-optimized manner.

Ticketless Parking, the next logical step in parking management

Car Park operators can realize a considerable savings potential if they take the step towards ticket-free parking. Installing a parking facility that relies exclusively on ticketless parking eliminates the need for lane devices at entry and exit for ticket issuance and collection, as well as a costly point-of-sale system. Running costs are also reduced: no tickets are required, so the purchasing and disposal costs that would otherwise be incurred are eliminated. Service and support costs for the corresponding devices are eliminated. Ticketless parking is therefore also automatically more resource-efficient, at a time when environmental aspects are playing an increasingly important role for drivers as well.

Massive convenience boost for all stakeholders


The user of a Car Park that operates ticketlessly, also experiences a considerable gain in convenience: entry and exit are considerably accelerated, which shortens waiting times in front of the barrier even during peak periods. Customers no longer have to spend an inconvenient amount of time in the event of a lost ticket - this is no longer possible due to the lack of tickets. The operator also saves money in the support area as a result of this omission. If parking registration is completely converted to online payment, customers also save time spent going to the pay station. For the operator, this eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly cash handling. Both short-term parkers and long-term parkers benefit significantly from the switch to ticket-free parking.

DESIGNA offers the all-round package of barriers, cameras and, if desired, adapted cash register systems, i.e. the entire hardware, for ticket-free parking systems. We also take care of the logistics behind the hardware for parking operators with our cloud solution. You don't need to operate your own server to implement ticketless parking in your Car Park, parking lot or on your company premises. Our service also includes the handling of the online booking of your offer, as well as support in case something goes wrong with the entry or exit. 


Contact us if you are planning a ticketless parking facility or want to convert your existing facility to ticketless parking. At DESIGNA, we offer you the know-how for installing the hardware and the secure handling of all processes in the background. Request your offer for ticketless parking from DESIGNA.