DESIGNA - 70 Years Anniversary!

70 years ago on the 11th January, 1951 Heinz Bula and Gerhard Vogel founded DESIGNA - German Society for Signals and Advertising Media Ltd. in Kiel-Projensdorf with three employee.

DESIGNA Touchless Solution

The current situation demands a safer parking process especially at the touch points for the customer. The aim is to reduce the needed touch interactions to zero. In response, we have created touchless solutions that can fulfill these requirements for mos

DESIGNA REFERENCE - Largest airports in the US

Why have 200 airports chosen DESIGNA for their parking systems?

DESIGNA REFERENCE - Hospital Parking Solution

The grounds of a modern medical center often cover entire city districts.

Your job just got easier and more profitable. With DESIGNA parking management systems.

How do you deliver the best customer experience for your parkers and improve your profitability? Achieving these goals is our driving force and we have a proven track record of exceeding expectations. Everything starts with your customers, the understanding of their needs, the requirements of the vertical marketplace, and new technology that brings additional value. The world of parking management systems is complex, but we make it easier for our customers. Because we put the most important goals in the center: gaining convenience plus improving your profitability. We are proud to provide state-of-the-art, reliable and scalable technology based on vertical market solutions.

We are global market leaders in all vertical markets, from the most complex application to single installations. In the airport market we are proud to have developed and installed the new parking systems for more than 200 airports worldwide including four airports of the New York & New Jersey Port Authority and Frankfurt Airport – both with more than 500 components. We also provide state-of-the-art parking solutions for numerous hospitals, including several facilities of Main Line Health in Pennsylvania. And we work with many Parking Authorities and municipalities to create value-added parking solutions for their cities and towns.

Convenience for you and your customer. Early pay back for your investment.

For us it’s the people and systems that add value and maximize your parking management assets.

With over 16,000 installed parking management systems and a variety of sales partners and subsidiaries in over 50 countries, DESIGNA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fully automated parking systems. Our integrated solutions consist of software, hardware and service components. With more than 10 years of experience in ASP we continue to be a market leader in digital-based systems.

Upgrading your parking management system and equipment is an important undertaking and a substantial investment. Why is DESIGNA your best partner for this endeavor? Just ask our customers.

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