Barcode Scan&Go

DESIGNA offers an efficient way of operating with a Barcode Scan & Go parking management system: This involves equipping the payment station and the exit station with a QR- or barcode-based reading system.

The entry terminal still issues a paper ticket. However, there is no longer a magnetic strip involved, the ticket is equipped with a QR or barcode. This contains all the important information for the parking and final payment process.

The "Barcode Scan & Go" concept continues the idea of operating cost efficiency and replaces the mechanical processing of tickets with contactless QR or barcode-based systems.

Advantages for the operator of a parking management system:

  • Reduced maintenance costs due to partial elimination of mechanical readers.
  • Proven technology for controlling and evaluating the parking process.
  • Problem-free integration of pre-booking and validation possible.
  • Functions such as "lost ticket" are still available to the parking customer via the use of the receipt printer.

Advantages for customers of the parking garage:


  • Easy handling of a QR/barcode based ticket.
  • Use of additional services such as pre-booking or discounts. Also use of smartphone or printout possible.
  • Faster exit by simply scanning the code instead of inserting the ticket into the exit terminal.


Reduces cost, easy handling arrow

With each element becoming non-mechanical, potential maintenance costs are eliminated. For example, the Barcode Scan & Go parking management system eliminates the need to collect and process magnetic stripe tickets; the information is held in the QR or barcode:

  • This QR or barcode is printed on a paper ticket at the entry terminal. After the parking customer has taken the ticket, the barrier opens and the parking process begins.
  • After the parking process is completed, the parking customer approaches the pay station, which is equipped with a QR/barcode scanner. The parking customer presents the paper ticket at the scanner, the pay station recognizes the accrued parking time and calculates the corresponding payment amount based on the tariff.
  • At the exit, the parking customer then presents the paper ticket again at  QR/barcode scanner integrated into the exit terminal. The software checks that the parking fee has been paid correctly and opens the barrier.

The advantage for the customer is simple handling, familiar from any self-service checkout in supermarkets.

If the parking customer has lost his ticket, it can be issued as a replacement via a receipt printer using the "Lost ticket" function at the automatic pay station. This can then be used at the exit terminal for the exit. The print on the lost ticket can be configured. The information on the lost ticket is printed in form of a QR code.

Simple combination with pre-booking arrow

A DESIGNA parking management system Barcode Scan & Go is also well suited for QR code-based pre-booking. DESIGNA's own pre-booking solution or pre-booking systems from external providers such as SpotHero or ParkWhiz can be used for this purpose. The corresponding application is connected to the DESIGNA parking management system via an interface. In pre-booking, the parking customer has already booked his parking space and downloaded or printed out the corresponding QR code on his smartphone. He can then use this QR code to enter and exit the parking garage.

Validation option arrow

The DESIGNA parking management system Barcode Scan & Go also offers a good starting point for the use of discount allocation. In shopping centers, the individual store owners can issue discounts for the parking process on the basis of QR codes. The parking customer then uses this discount during the payment process and scans it at the pay station or exit terminal.

Ease of updating existing parking management systems arrow

In addition, an existing DESIGNA parking management system can be converted to barcode scan & go operation. Basically, the so-called "Multicon" unit used so far in the pay station and in the exit can be exchanged and the "Multicon" unit used in the entry terminal can be converted to output QR/barcode. For specific clarification of the feasibility please contact our service or sales staff.