DESIGNA Touchless Solution



We will find the ideal solution for your environment

The current situation demands a safer parking process especially at the touch points for the customer. The aim is to reduce the needed touch interactions to zero. In response, we have created touchless solutions that can fulfill these requirements for most installations.

DESIGNA offers solutions that can be deployed quickly, depending on the current technology utilized. One of the solutions provides increased safety with the classic parking process that uses paper tickets. Another solution uses camera-based technology that already allows a contactless entry and exit. By all solutions we can enhance the level of safety.


Upgrade your existing parking management system

DESIGNA can quickly upgrade your parking process with a touchless solution that does not require new equipment. The DESIGNA Touchless Ticket concept starts from a typical parking management system set-up. At the entrance, a ticket dispenser opens the gate when the customer takes a ticket.

The touchless concept incorporates a new sensor at the DESIGNA IN device. The driver holds their hand about 10 inches in front of the sensor and the ticket is automatically supplied without touching the button. The sensor can be attached on the surface of the DESIGNA IN or within the device. The sensor area is marked so it is easy for the customer to understand where to interact with the sensor.

When the customer is ready to leave the parking space, they would normally pay the parking fee at the DESIGNA PAY station. To reduce the touch interaction, customers utilize the DESIGNA Mobile Ticket Payment solution. By simply using the customer’s smartphone the parking ticket can be paid online. The customer gets the receipt and the ticket is paid. An identification can be done by the ticket number or – more convenient for the end-user – by simply scanning the bar code on the paper ticket.

At the exit, the customer simply inserts the already paid ticket and the gate will open automatically. With almost no touch at any device the customer experienced a safe and convenient parking journey.



The customer simply logs in to the DESIGNA or operator’s parking app and types the ticket reference number or scan the barcode on the ticket. The application performs in real-time and sends payment confirmation/receipt via e-mail. A payment confirmation is immediately sent back to the parking management system. The DESIGNA Mobile Ticket Payment is a quick addition to achieve a touchless solution.



One of the best ways to avoid hassle and contact is the pre-booking feature tof enhance convenience and safety. The end-user registers at the parking facility’s website and schedules a parking time slot. If the parking system uses LPR (license plate recognition) the plate number functions as the ticket. The barrier opens when the pre-booker is entering the parking facility. Payment will be made online and the parker simply exits without any physical contact. Pre-booking adds another possibility for a DESIGNA touchless solution.



Frictionless parking goes one further step in enhancing the touchless customer experience. It allows customers to enter the parking garage without pulling a ticket or paying at a pay station. The parking management system already “knows” the customer identified by his or her license plate.

The Frictionless parking system incorporates a payment before entry of the parking facility. The customer registers at the operator’s website and adds the payment method plus the vehicle identified by the license plate. At the entry, the camera detects the ID of the customer and the gate is opened automatically. When the customer ends the parking no interaction with the automatic cash machine is needed. The parking fee has been already paid in advance via an online profile that has been set up beforehand.