DESIGNA PREMIUM Systems - convincing in performance and design.

The DESIGNA PREMIUM system redefines the understanding of parking technology. Our highly qualified engineers develop the systems of the future so that we can always offer our customers the best possible product. Together with you, we work out the best solution for your parking management project.

At DESIGNA, development and production are carried out from one source with Made in Germany quality. Each system is carefully tailored to specific customer requirements. This is what makes DESIGNA systems and hardware so unique.

Extended value creation through innovation.

Support the Customer Journey with DESIGNA hardware.

In 2019 a new way of communication in the parking area was introduced. DESIGNA has added screens to cash registers, barriers and entry and exit devices, enabling car park operators to use them as carriers for all kinds of information such as prices, occupancy, route guidance etc. Advertising content, both own and third-party, can also be displayed as static or video images.

Modern and award-winning design for your parking.

The "Pay Cashless" cash register was awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD in 2020.

Every year, iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes one of the world's best-known and most prestigious design competitions: the iF DESIGN AWARD. The iF DESIGN AWARD is considered a symbol of outstanding design around the world and welcomes over 6,000 entries from 70 countries every year.

PREMIUM Systems within the focus

You provide the framework for your PREMIUM parking management system.

Digital networking is the driving issue in many areas. We recognized the opportunities for our customers more than 20 years ago, which is why our system solution was designed from the outset with distinct networking possibilities for major national and international projects.

DESIGNA technology supports operators of parking management systems by providing an individual solution for linking networked car parks via VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Incoming data packages such as voice and video information, external alarms or statistics are combined, monitored and evaluated in the national centres or in the international headquarters, so that a complete overview is guaranteed at all times. This increases synergy and savings potential and increases profitability.


Die Implementierung wesentlicher Betriebsfunktionen, die schnelle Reaktion auf aktuelle Situationen sowie die Ausführung von Überwachungs- und Servicefunktionen in vernetzten Parkhäusern, zum Beispiel in der Nacht, wurden integriert. Die Systemlösung von DESIGNA lässt sich auf jeden Parkanlagen integrieren – von der Großanlage mit mehreren Hundert Terminals bis zur Einzelanlage mit 2-3 Geräten. Wie Sie das Parkhaus letztlich betreiben und das zugehörige IT-System strukturieren wollen, liegt ganz bei Ihnen.

Our options to run your parking management system:

Option 1: Internal server: The system is operated directly on a server in the parking lot. The operating company is responsible for scaling, security, data backups, server technology and software updates.

  • Live access to all system data for the connected car parks.
  • Efficient use of system resources.
  • Single server: The server is located in its own parking garage.
  • Central server: Several parking garages are operated on a central server via a VPN.
  • Possibility of connection to a central control room.
  • New parking spaces can easily be connected to the existing server.
  • All car parks work with the same software - new functions and parking products can be activated quickly and across systems.

Option 2: Server virtualisation: Several car parks are operated via VPN on a central server (operator) on which the DESIGNA system software is installed on a virtual server - the CLOUD solution.


  • Easy integration into the existing IT environment.
  • Suitable for integration into existing backup strategies.
  • Suitable for integration into existing monitoring systems.
  • VM (Virtual Machine) Scalability.
  • All car parks work with the same software - new functions and parking products can be quickly activated across systems.
  • Live access to all system data for the connected car parks


Option 3: DESIGNA Cloud-Lösung: Ein oder mehrere Parkhäuser werden über das Internet (VPN) von einem zertifizierten, hochsicheren Rechenzentrum aus betrieben.

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