Parking solutions: Motoring association on parking customer habits

Parking solutions: Motoring association on parking customer habits

In a study recently published by the German ADAC, Europe´s largest motoring association, on the behavior and preferences of car and bicycle drivers when parking, the following findings regarding parking customers habits and satisfaction and their implications on parking management were made:

  • Parklösungen für hohe VerkehrsdichteThe passenger car is the number one mode of transport on the way to work or when visiting the city center, with a share of around 60 percent. For the entire route to the place of work or training, 58 percent of those surveyed use the car. At 62 percent, the car is even more important for a visit to the city center.
  • The residential environment influences satisfaction with parking: among downtown or town center residents, only 48% of car drivers were satisfied with the parking situation.
  • When visiting the city center, 62% park their vehicle in a parking garage, underground parking lot or parking lot.
  • Many road users can imagine using digital solutions to optimize parking in the future. This applies to two-thirds of the motorists surveyed with regard to the display of free parking spaces in the parking garage or at the roadside via navi or app and half of the interviewees with regard to cell phone parking.

The ADAC recommends that parking management should always be embedded in a city-wide parking concept as part of integrated mobility planning. 

For DESIGNA, the industry-specific requirements of parking operators and municipalities are familiar territory:

  • Inner-city parking must become even more customer-friendly, as parking garages are highly relevant there, but at the same time cause dissatisfaction. This is where DESIGNA's many years of experience and parking solutions designed to be highly customer-friendly can help municipalities and operators to create viable concepts for inner-city mobility, including for stationary traffic.

  • Digitization in parking plays a major role and is gaining acceptance among the population. DESIGNA parking solutions include concepts such as pre-booking, mobile payment and ticketless parking, thus creating added value. 

  • Reference projects such as the solutions developed for SVG and OPG show how DESIGNA advises cities and municipalities on city-wide parking projects and can set up appropriate systems.

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