13 Years of Successful Parking Management: Allee Shopping Center's Partnership with DESIGNA

13 Years of Successful Parking Management: Allee Shopping Center's Partnership with DESIGNA

Interview with Ágota Papp, manager of the Allee shopping and entertainment center, about the cooperation with DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH







DESIGNA: Since the opening of the Allee Shopping and Entertainment Center in 2009, the parking management system PM Abacus has been operated by DESIGNA Access Kft. How satisfied are you with the system?


Ágota Papp: We are very satisfied with the system and our cooperation with DESIGNA Access Kft. The parking management system fully meets our expectations and we have not had any major problems with it since the opening.


DESIGNA: Which functions of the system are particularly important for the shopping center?


Ágota Papp: The system must first and foremost meet the parking needs of our customers. In addition, it must also fulfil the "parking garage within the parking garage" function, which is reserved for the tenants of the office building. The license plate recognition at the entrances and exits speeds up the process and enables our customers to park quickly and safely despite the relatively low parking capacity. The digital individual space recognition system and occupancy display help our customers quickly and easily find available parking spaces.


DESIGNA: How has the system developed over the past 13 years?


Ágota Papp: DESIGNA Access Kft. has continually expanded the range of system services possible by adding additional payment options and convenience services. For example, we now have coin and banknote payment, payment with debit/credit cards and via SMS, and the function of banknote return. The license plate recognition was perfected by replacing the recognition cameras, which enabled the introduction of the "ShareNow" service. To find available parking spaces as quickly and easily as possible, a digital individual space recognition system was installed, significantly improving parking convenience for customers. The installation of the occupancy display also provided further assistance, allowing our employees to closely monitor the availability of free parking spaces on each parking level on the surface of the parking management system and even make parking space reservations. This system is connected to the directional signs installed before the entrance of the underground garage, providing visitors with an accurate overview of the occupancy status before entering the garage. The development team is currently working on the implementation of ticketless parking, which offers the highest level of customer convenience and a perfect shopping experience.






DESIGNA: How has DESIGNA Access Kft. helped you with the maintenance and modernization of the system?


Ágota Papp: Thanks to the highly qualified service engineers of DESIGNA Access Kft., we have been able to keep the parking management system in perfect condition over the past 13 years through cyclic maintenance and continuous updates and modernization. The company's development team ensures that the latest innovations tailored to the needs of the respective time are always brought to market and customer needs are thus best met. Modernization and further development have been successfully carried out with smaller or larger difficulties, but with the supportive participation of the developers or the tireless commitment and expertise of the on-site professionals. The company's specialists strive to meet the challenges of the times with constant innovation and perform excellently in the intensified competition among market participants.


DESIGNA: How satisfied are you with the work of DESIGNA Access Kft.?


Ágota Papp: In addition to the Allee Shopping and Entertainment Center, I have had the opportunity to work with the conscientious professionals of the company in other shopping centers who serve their customers comprehensively thanks to constant training and development of their expertise. Due to years of experience at several locations, DESIGNA Access Kft. is the leader in the Hungarian market of garage technology with its excellent performance and can offer the best service to every customer. We are extremely satisfied with the work of DESIGNA Access Kft.


Thank you for the interview, Ms. Papp!