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We are redefining the understanding of the parking technology field. For this reason, we have highly trained engineers who contribute their knowledge to the company, which guarantees that we can always offer our customers the best possible product.

With DESIGNA, the development and production are carried out from a single source with Made in Germany quality. Each system is carefully tailored to the specific customer requirements. And that’s what makes DESIGNA products so unique.

Where our innovation is your added value

Let your hardware communicate

2019 saw the introduction of a new way of communication in parking. DESIGNA added screens to the pay stations, barriers and entry / exit devices and allows car park operators to use these as carriers for all kinds of information such as pricing, occupancy, routing, etc. Also ad content, own and third-party, can be displayed as static or video images. 

Communicate effectively along your customers´ journey with DESIGNA hardware. 


The "Pay Cashless" pay station was awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD in 2020.

Every year, iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes one of the world's most famous and valued design competitions: the iF DESIGN AWARD. The iF DESIGN AWARD is considered a symbol of outstanding design around the world and welcomes over 6,000 entries from 70 countries every year.

Hardware Solutions on the spot

How would you like to operate your parking system?

Networking is the defining subject in many sectors. We recognised the opportunities for our customers over 20 years ago, which is why our system solution was designed with distinct networking possibilities for major national and international projects right from the start. The DESIGNA technology supports operating companies by providing a tailored solution for linking connected car parks with one another via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and for tapping into potential synergies and savings effects. Incoming data packages such as speech and video information, external alarms or statistics are pooled together, monitored and evaluated in the national centres or at the international headquarters, meaning that a complete overview is guaranteed at all times.

There are no problems whatsoever in implementing enhanced centralised capabilities, reacting at lightning speed to ongoing situations and implementing the complete takeover of monitoring and service functions in connected car parks, for example during the night. The system solution from DESIGNA is ideally suited for use by any operating company either as a large-scale or small-scale solution. How you ultimately want to operate the car park and structure the associated IT system is entirely up to you.

Server options:

Option 1: Inhouse Server: The system is operated directly on a server situated at the car park.

  • The operating company is responsible for scaling, security, data backups, server technology and software updates
  • Live access to all system data for the connected car parks
  • Efficient use of system resources

Single Server: The server is located in its own parking garage.
Central Server: Multiple car parks are operated on a central server over a VPN.


  • Option to connect to a central control room
  • New car parks can easily be connected to the existing server
  • All car parks run on the same software – new features and parking products can be activated quickly across all systems

Option 2: Server Virtualisation: Several car parks are operated via VPN on a central server (operator) on which the DESIGNA system software is installed on a virtual server.

  • Simple integration into the existing IT environment
  • Suitable for integration into existing backup strategies
  • Suitable for integration into existing monitoring systems
  • VM (Virtual Machine) scalability
  • All car parks run on the same software – new functions and parking products can be activated quickly across all systems
  • Live access to all system data for the connected car parks

Option 3: ASP Cloud Service: One or more car parks are operated over the Internet (VPN) from a certified, high-security processing centre in Kiel, Germany.
Read more about ASP Cloud service

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